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Erdős-Bacon-Sabbath (EBS) Number

My EBS number is 11, the sum of my Erdős, Bacon, and Black Sabbath numbers.

To have an EBS number, you must have co-authored a scientific paper with someone who connects to mathematician Paul Erdős; appeared in film/TV with someone who connects to actor Kevin Bacon; and performed musically with someone who connects to heavy metal band Black Sabbath.

My Erdős number is 5 according to MathSciNet. There are several paths from my scientific papers to those of Paul Erdös. One is (details at end of page):

Kathleen Dyer

R. E. Glaser

J. P. Keating

C. R. Rao

G. J. Babu

Paul Erdős

My Bacon number is 3 according to the Oracle of Bacon from back when it used the entire IMDB to get the connections. Again, there are several paths from my films to those of Kevin Bacon. One path is:

Kathleen Dyer

Jesus Fuentes

Garry Goodrow

Kevin Bacon

My Sabbath number is 3. It was the hardest to find because the site "Six Degrees of Black Sabbath" wasn't working. The path I calculated from my musical performances to those of Black Sabbath:

Kathleen Dyer

David Miller of Il Divo

Royal Philharmonic

Ian Gillan of Black Sabbath

I also found a longer but more fun path of length 5:

Kathleen Dyer

David Miller

Barbra Streisand

Josh Groban

Frank Oz

Ozzy Osbourne

The Details

Scientific Papers

Stochastic inversion of electrical resistivity changes using a Markov Chain Monte Carlo approach. A. L. Ramirez;  J. J. Nitao;  W. G. Hanley;  R. Aines;  R. E. Glaser;  S. K. Sengupta;  K. M. Dyer; T. L. Hickling;  W. D. Daily. Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth (2005)


Testing Hypotheses about the Shape Parameter of a Gamma Distribution. J. P. Keating; R. E. Glaser.; N. S. Ketchum. Technometrics 32 (1990)


The Pitman nearness criterion and its determination. C. R. Rao; J. P. Keating; R. L. Mason. Communications in Statistics - Theory and Methods (1986)


Joint Asymptotic Distribution of Marginal Quantiles and Quantile Functions in Samples from a Multivariate Population. G. J. Babu; C. R. Rao. J. Multivariate Anal. 27 (1988)


An asymptotic formula in additive number theory. P. Erdős; G. .J. Babu; K. Ramachandra. Acta Arith. 28 (1975/76)


I was in the short film The Prisoner (2012, directed by Ria Fay-Berquist) with  Jesus Fuentes who was in Dirty Dancing with Garry Goodrow who was in Hero at Large with Kevin Bacon.


In 1999, I was in the chorus of Lucia di Lammermoor, and in 2002, I was in the chorus "Don Pasquale." Both were produced by Festival Opera in Walnut Creek, CA. David Miller was one of the principal singers in both productions.

David Miller later became a member of Il Divo. That group performed with the Royal Philharmonic in a concert "Il Divo: Live in London." The Royal Philharmonic performed "Concerto for Group and Orchestra" with Black Sabbath member Ian Gillan.

For the longer-but-fun path, I started with the same connection to David Miller. Il Divo performed in concert with Barbra Streisand at Madison Square Garden in 2006. Barbra Streisand sang a duet with Josh Groban in a recording of "All I Know of Love." Josh Groban performed multiple times with the Muppets, one of which was a 2015 video "Pure Imagination - Lindsey Stirling & Josh Groban with The Muppets." In that video, Frank Oz performed and sang as Miss Piggy. Frank Oz sang in the 1994 album "Kermit Unpigged", again as Miss Piggy, with Ozzy Osbourne of Black Sabbath.

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